G$D Case Study of Oliver Borr

$1k to 6 Figure Earner – G$D Case Study of Oliver Borr

Oliver Borr’s journey to building out a 5 figure a month agency started like that of many other digital marketers. He had a vision for where he wanted to apply his skills and knowledge but he lacked the systems and processes that would allow him to do that while also growing his business into something profitable.

When he first came across our G$D program, Oliver was working hard to get his work with clients to cover his bills. With just $1,000 a month in reliable recurring revenue and a handful of other clients here and there, there was a major gap between the type of business Oliver envisioned and what he was actually doing.

That was when he took the plunge. Leading up to his decision to join our G$D program, Oliver had taken a few of our real estate advertising courses and saw many of our ads. He wanted more. And while he’d looked into other coaching programs, Oliver felt that our was different. That it was just what he was looking for. In his own words: “there were a lot of coaching programs that… all sounded very good, but they all sounded basically the same. And then I spoke to you guys and it wasn’t.”

$1k/Mo and A Handful Of Clients Was No Longer Enough

Oliver wanted to scale his businesses and turn it into something that would bring in a consistent source of clients and revenue. But as he was, he only had about 1 grand in predictable recurring revenue. This just wasn’t enough.

Oliver decided to take action and change the course of his business. To take it from a few small jobs here and there, and turn it in something that would bring in thousands and close many clients at a time.

Scaling His Business to $20k a Month & Beyond

Joining the G$D program wasn’t just a hack to increase his revenues. It was a framework built on hard work and dedication to growth. It required learning and implementing new systems and processes without giving up.

Oliver went through our course thoroughly, he showed up to our coaching calls, and he put everything he learned into play. He saw where there were holes in his processes and was able to fix them. He learned new techniques for turning leads into closed deals and he implemented. And as Oliver adapted more and more of what he was learning his business began to skyrocket.

In fact, just implementing one small tweak to his sales process led Oliver to reach 6 figure a year run rates in only 1 week. An incredible feat for any agency, let alone one that is just building its foundations for growth.

Incredible Results After Just 60 Days:

At the time of the interview above, just 60 days into working with us, Oliver was set to reach $15k/month in recurring revenue. Today this has increased by another $10k per month bringing him to a solid $25k every month of GREAT CLIENTS. AND his agency continues to grow!

Oliver is far from being done. He is hungry to reach 6 figure months soon and continues to put the effort in. He is incredibly happy with how fast he grew his agency and cannot wait to help more clients.

As the owner of a successful agency owner, Oliver now feels like a brand new person and even feels a spring in his step.

Ready to Start Your G$D Journey?

Oliver is just one of many students of ours who have been able to scale their passion for digital marketing into a successful business. If you are ready to make a change, treat your business like an investment, and get results like Oliver — don’t click away and kick the can down the road, that’s too easy to do.

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