Financing Options

Congratulations on taking these next steps to invest in growing your business!

Using credit responsibly can help you make wise investments, build a credit portfolio, and improve your credit score. Here are several financing options for you get financial leverage to scale up. Think Shark Tank, use other people’s money to build your wealth, even if you have liquid cash.

You will want to put a $500-1,000 deposit down with your GSD advisor as we need to make sure to lock in a plan of action so we maintain your forward progress to hit goals you have.

When you apply for these options, your GSD advisor will help so we can guide you and get instant approvals. Start with whatever option your advisor selects, here are some good ones to get quick access:

PayPal, AMEX Blue Everyday, then explore Fundwise and other options.



PayPal Credit

Directions: Login your account or create one if you don't have one yet. Once logged in you will want to look for the PayPal Credit option and apply

**NOTE: You can click the HELP tab and search "PayPal Credit" and click the link to apply for free. Let your advisor know what you see so they can help you.

Make your payment to:


American Express Blue Cash Everyday

Directions: Apply & get instant access to credit.



Usually 0% for 12 months. Fundwise charges a small fee to leverage capital for our clients to Pay us in full. This process takes a week or so once pre-approved. This only works for a person or company that has not had a bankruptcy in the past 5 years and a credit score above 650-680. Even if below, worth a try or we will never know.

If you are applying on your own, get this done right away so we can get you funded and start to generate ROI from the getgo.

Looking forward to serving you,

The GSD Family & Team

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