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Getting $hit Done isn’t just the name of our program, it’s a culture, a lifestyle built around taking imperfect action.

It’s about not letting trying to be perfect stop you from being great.

It’s about putting in the work and being accountable towards hitting your goals.

It’s an entire family (76 strong as of this post🔥) of people standing behind you pushing you up the mountain.

When you fall down (everyone does and it’s ok) the community picks your a$$ up and carries you to finish line.

It’s a movement…. And I couldn’t be prouder of each and every member whose trusted us to be a part of their journey.🙏

What's The G$D Mentorship All About?

We believe in RESULTS, not just words.

Check out what our clients have to say:

"Cody and Rahul know exactly what they're doing, know exactly how to talk to people, they know exactly how to sell things, they know exactly how to close. Their knowledge is worth so much more than they charged.."
"They taught me 10 times more than any of my other mentors combined and I didn't have to spend 10s of thousands of dollars"
"Rahul and Cody are the real deal. They have real results. You'll get clients fast, you'll close deals fast. Rahul is the best sales trainer I've ever seen"
"Literally day one with them I was able to start securing new clients"
"Thanks to them I just had a $120,000 quarter!"
"51 solid leads already in the first 3 days"
"We've added over $20,000 in monthly recurring revenue already from working with them"
"I got soooo much value out of this it's unbelievable"
"This gave me so much clarity and confidence to know exactly what my next step would be"
"If you get a chance to work them do it before they realize just how good they really are"
"I just had my first 20K month, all thanks to this system"
"Holy crap, this was so inspirational... It's really essential, if you're struggling with getting leads right now, this class is the perfect opportunity for you"
"Imperfect action and this masterclass have changed my business"
"It blew my mind that they cared so much about my success"
"I have 2 appointments now every single days using this system"
"Their knowledge is worth so much more than they charged"
"120K in new revenue from this program"
"All they want is for everyone to thrive and succeed"
"Work with them.... trust me, you will not regret it"
"I've a 9X return from working with them....It's insane!"
"They've seen everything, they've done everything, the are the real deal!"
"They are teaching this at the highest level"
"It works, it works , it works!.... DO IT!"
"They have everything you could possibly need in one place"
"Their knowledge is worth so much more than they charged"
"We went from $0 to $45K months just because of this program"
"This program has been life changing"

How Cam & Kacy Leveled Up Their Agency With The G$D

"I'm Booking Calls For My Agency Left And Right"

"If You Want Clients On Demand For Free... This Class is For You"

"Because of what I learned from Cody & Rahul I just landed 5 new clients in 1 week!"

"Develop a better you"

"Just closed ANOTHER 10K deal with the skills you gave me"

"I went from 0 clients to 15K MRR with the G$D in just 60 days!"

"120K in just one quarter!"

"I scaled my agency from $0 with the G$D"

"Knowing that Rahul & Cody have my back I have more confidence to grow out there. It creates win-win scenario for everybody"

"Rahul & Cody have both left a lasting impact on me. On how to do business, how to care for your customers, and how to meet them right where they are."

"Before he taught me that, I haven't sign a client for six months. I couldn't book an appointment because I was using all the outdated method."

"How We Signed Our First $3K Retainer Client After Just 12 Hours Of Joining The G$D Program"

"How Mason was able to add over 100K in new contracts in the last 30 days with us."

"51 solid leads already in the first 3 days"

"Being in GSD family adds a ton of clarity. I understand my systems & processes. I grow my business, my teams, and my vision."

"The clarity of what we need to be doing daily is the most important thing that we learn from this."

"G$D gave me the stepping stone to actually build an actual business & a proper foundation."

"Being on the coaching call and picking up their brain to implement it in my business is exceptional."

"Excited about it. Took a lot of notes. Learned a lot. Got a lot of things to get done now so it's time to Get Shit Done"

"The last 3 days were amazing We learned so many skills to start driving well-qualified leads."

"Hear from 2 killers that have blown the roof off the top of their "glass ceiling" and have entered the Real Estate industry as an authority closing deals daily."

"I had zero knowledge in digital marketing then I used Perfect Stranger Method and I started to close new clients and more more deals every day"

"It was the first time ever I've ever done anything like this where the product and the people not only delivered what they promised, but more."

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