Matt G$D Case Study

Road To $60K Months – Matt Peterson G$D Case Study

Need a bit of inspiration to build momentum in your agency? We’ve got a story for you!

When Matt Peterson first joined the G$D he’d already been working in the digital marketing field for quite a few years, but wasn’t seeing the types results for he would have liked for his hard work and dedication. Something needed to change in order for Matt to get out from under the cloud of confusion he was struggling to navigate.

How We Helped Matt Peterson Achieve New Levels In His Agency

When Matt first joined us he was in need of direction for what path forward would be best suited for his agency. He felt confused and like he was under a cloud of smoke that he just was not able to find his way out of.

After digging into the areas of focus for how we can help Matt get out from under this foggy state so many agencies are stuck in these days, we got straight down to brass tacks on creating a map forward that would take us exactly where Matt wanted to be.

One thing you’ll often hear us talking about is our sole purpose here at G$D: helping people level up their businesses through practical systems & processes. We want to share our knowledge and experience gained over 20+ years in the industry with entrepreneurs just like you!

That’s exactly why we decided to map out each step in detail so those who join us can see first hand from someone else who was where they are now. Even more importantly: learn how this person got past road blocks by following practical systems and processes as well as building momentum along the way.

Are You Ready To Level Up In Your Agency? This Is How Matt Did It…

In Matt’s case he came into this program with an established client base but was struggling to achieve consistent results month-after-month. Matt wanted to expand which meant he needed to attract more leads and have higher close rates.

So we gave him the tools, the systems, and the processes that we’ve used in our own agency to drive results. All of the information and training Matt received during his time here was instrumental in helping him expand his digital marketing agency, we saw first hand how he grew from a struggling agency owner to an expert marketer over the course of a few months.

Since joining the program with just 5 or 6 clients, Matt has applied things like our scary offer strategy and perfect stranger method, to attract and warm up his ideal clients. He’s learned how to start conversations and really engage with his leads in a way that converts. Now his agency stand at having 15 clients signed on and that number continues to grow. All this was possible because Matt made the decision to seek guidance and found our community. Having coaches with years of experience handling almost every obstacle that can come in the way of agency growth along with a group of like minded peers at his disposal, made every bit of difference in Matt’s business.

Ready to Start Your G$D Journey?

Matt is just one of many students of ours who have been able to scale their passion for digital marketing into a successful business. If you are ready to make a change, treat your business like an investment, and get results like Matt — don’t click away and kick the can down the road, that’s too easy to do.

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