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FILL your sales calendar and grow your agency to 10K MONTHS by learning client acquisition strategies DIRECTLY from two people who currently run a seven figure agency:

Two People Go The Gym...

Two People Go The Gym...

Same tools... same time commitment.... But one comes out with the body of their dreams and the other barely notices an improvement and eventually gives up... Can you spot the difference?

You person who came out on top had a secret weapon... A coach who showed them how to actually use the equipment and tools in front of them.

Thats where we at the G$D come into your journey... This is actual, DIRECT access to two people who have built multiple 7 figure businesses for themselves and HUNDREDS for other people.

We want to give you the insight you've been missing to achieve the success and freedom you deserve.

True Freedom Is Possible with the 7 Figure G$D Diamond Club Access...

Get direct VIP access to Rahul Alim, Cody Getchell and the entire 7 figure blueprint that has created over 200 success stories inside the G$D in the last 3 years alone.

For Less Than The Price of your daily trip to Starbucks.

"Rahul & The guys at the G$D taught a bunch of our guys how to market themselves better and they've got it figured out 100%"

"Rahul & The guys at the G$D taught a bunch of our guys how to market themselves better and they've got it figured out 100%"

Matt Ryder

Founder, Sales Snipers & Sniper Media

"He's helped us get more leads and make more money"

Matt Ryder

CEO and founder of Sales Sniper



The G$D Diamond Club Membership Is The Place To Do It.

""There's a reason why I work with Cody, I know a lot of people in this industry... It's very hard to find people who are sustainably good at what they do... Cody runs my shit and does a very, very good job"

""There's a reason why I work with Cody, I know a lot of people in this industry... It's very hard to find people who are sustainably good at what they do... Cody runs my shit and does a very, very good job"

John Whiting

Founder, Bullet Proof Entrepreneur

"He's good... He's very, very good."

John Whiting

CEO and founder of Bullet Proof Entrepreneur

Access to the Diamond Club Membership is extremely limited -   we can only accommodate a small percentage of attendees because we want to keep this club intimate (most people at an event don’t get to go backstage, right?) So hurry and sign up before all of the spots are full…

Enroll Now to Get Instant Access to:



For non-Diamond Club Members, the weekly LIVE trainings will take place inside our free G$D Facebook Group... But Members will be invited to join on the private Zoom call directly with Cody & Rahul!

Plus Diamond Club Members will get priority access to get direct help from Cody, Rahul and their team every single week inside the group.



Once the weekly Facebook training session ends, all Diamond Club members will get private access to a group coaching session with Cody, Rahul and their team to gain a deeper level of clarity on that days topic and ask any questions that came up during the week… those who do NOT have the membership will not have access to this session.

This is the difference between those who constantly consume only free information and are perpetually stuck... And those who get DIRECT insight from those who have used that information to create success.

Premium Updated Trainings

The Agency Foundations 2.0

Get over a dozen hours of our best trainings on how to create an irresistible high ticket offer, add hundreds of FREE appointments to your calendar using organic marketing, our paid ads strategy that resulted in MILLIONS in revenue last year and our sales framework that will take your closing rate to the next level.

Premium Updated Trainings

The SAAS Agency Accelerator

Get a full PREMIUM course showing you EXACTLY how to set up, launch and sell an agency SAAS offer using the power of High Level.

This 50 video course skips NOTHING, if you want to launch a SAAS product and master GHL... This is THE ONLY place to do it... Right inside the VIP.

Plug & Play Assets

The 7 Figure Ad Vault

Grab our Ad Vault filled with TESTED and PROVEN Ads (We've spent hundreds of thousands on every one of these to make sure they work) For Over A Dozen Top Niches.

Plug & Play Assets

Templates, Frameworks And Pre-Made Assets

Why go through the never ending cycle of testing new assets when you can simply buy some one elses?

For our two seven figure businesses we have built some of the best templates, scripts and frameworks you could ever want, and you can find them all inside the Diamond Club.

Your are the result of the people you spend the most time with


Every few years I look around at my inner circle and I buy new friends.

It's an old saying but it's truer in todays landscape than ever before "You net-worth = your network".

There's no better place to be than surrounded by people looking to better themselves and Get $hit Done.

"If you want to work with Cody make sure you get on his calendar FAST, before he realizes just how good he really is"

"If you want to work with Cody make sure you get on his calendar FAST, before he realizes just how good he really is"

Cat Howell

Founder, Facebook Ad Hacks


The truth is, my life is dedicated to helping people free themselves and create lives and businesses that fuel their soul.

I have spent over 500k+ to study the greatest teachings from the greatest minds I could find... I've literally put years of trial & error and my heart & soul into this, and all of my programs.

If you don't find it valuable, I actually don't want your money.

Therefore, I'm including a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Go all out for 30 days, and if it's not a good fit... let us know, we'll refund the first month, shake hands and part ways for good.

With zero risk, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We believe in RESULTS, not just words.

Check out what our clients have to say:

"They do a phenomenal job, phenomenal service in teaching our guys how to get that paid ad strategy going. Paid ad is like mystical unicorn and Rahul really figured it out"

"Cody is the only man that I trust to touch our advertising. It's helpful for me to have someone I can trust that actually have my back. I keep paying him more money because he's really that good"

"All our cost per cost went down, it has dropped in half. It has been monumental for us. As result goes, it significantly increases our margins"

"In 30 days I doubled my business. Now about 90 days in, my coaching program is making $100k a month and that number continues to grow"

"You guys are more hands-on than most of the coaches I've ever known out there. That's power. That's super super impressive"

"I can't say enough good thing about you. I can't image if I implement all of your stuff, I'd probably be unstoppable. You're worth all that dollar plus 10x more."

"Cody and Rahul know exactly what they're doing, know exactly how to talk to people, they know exactly how to sell things, they know exactly how to close. Their knowledge is worth so much more than they charged.."
"They taught me 10 times more than any of my other mentors combined and I didn't have to spend 10s of thousands of dollars"
"Rahul and Cody are the real deal. They have real results. You'll get clients fast, you'll close deals fast. Rahul is the best sales trainer I've ever seen"
"Literally day one with them I was able to start securing new clients"
"Thanks to them I just had a $120,000 quarter!"
"51 solid leads already in the first 3 days"
"We've added over $20,000 in monthly recurring revenue already from working with them"
"I got soooo much value out of this it's unbelievable"
"This gave me so much clarity and confidence to know exactly what my next step would be"
"If you get a chance to work them do it before they realize just how good they really are"
"I just had my first 20K month, all thanks to this system"
"Holy crap, this was so inspirational... It's really essential, if you're struggling with getting leads right now, this class is the perfect opportunity for you"
"Imperfect action and this masterclass have changed my business"
"It blew my mind that they cared so much about my success"
"I have 2 appointments now every single days using this system"
"Their knowledge is worth so much more than they charged"
"120K in new revenue from this program"
"All they want is for everyone to thrive and succeed"
"Work with them.... trust me, you will not regret it"
"I've a 9X return from working with them....It's insane!"
"They've seen everything, they've done everything, the are the real deal!"
"They are teaching this at the highest level"
"It works, it works , it works!.... DO IT!"
"They have everything you could possibly need in one place"
"We went from $0 to $45K months just because of this program"
"This program has been life changing"
"Their knowledge is worth so much more than they charged"

"The program is AWESOME right from the get go.... It's honestly crazy"

"If you haven't taken their course.... DO IT, there is so much value!"

"This program will not fail you"

How Cam & Kacy Leveled Up Their Agency With The G$D

"I'm Booking Calls For My Agency Left And Right"

"If You Want Clients On Demand For Free... This Class is For You"

"Because of what I learned from Cody & Rahul I just landed 5 new clients in 1 week!"

"Develop a better you"

"Just closed ANOTHER 10K deal with the skills you gave me"

"They give so much away its crazy"

"These are the best ads guys I know"

"I've added over 100K in new contracts just since joining the G$D"

"Because of Cody I completely changed my niche.... and I'm happier, and have a bigger business."

"We just closed 7 deals in the last 7 days "

"We closed 78K in contract in just the last 60 days"

"I went from 0 clients to 15K MRR with the G$D in just 60 days!"

"120K in just one quarter!"

"I scaled my agency from $0 with the G$D"

"Knowing that Rahul & Cody have my back I have more confidence to grow out there. It creates win-win scenario for everybody"

"Rahul & Cody have both left a lasting impact on me. On how to do business, how to care for your customers, and how to meet them right where they are."

"Before he taught me that, I haven't sign a client for six months. I couldn't book an appointment because I was using all the outdated method."

"Being in GSD family adds a ton of clarity. I understand my systems & processes. I grow my business, my teams, and my vision."

"The clarity of what we need to be doing daily is the most important thing that we learn from this."

"G$D gave me the stepping stone to actually build an actual business & a proper foundation."

David have had two record breaking months in only 3 months and a quarter.

"One of the things I appreciate the most has been the amazing content Cody & Rahul deliver every single week."

"We brought in gross $369,300."

"Being on the coaching call and picking up their brain to implement it in my business is exceptional."

"Excited about it. Took a lot of notes. Learned a lot. Got a lot of things to get done now so it's time to Get Shit Done"

"The last 3 days were amazing We learned so many skills to start driving well-qualified leads."

"Hear from 2 killers that have blown the roof off the top of their "glass ceiling" and have entered the Real Estate industry as an authority closing deals daily."

"I had zero knowledge in digital marketing then I used Perfect Stranger Method and I started to close new clients and more more deals every day"

"It was the first time ever I've ever done anything like this where the product and the people not only delivered what they promised, but more."

Mason shares about the ebs and flows of a 60K / M agency and how he stays consistent

Robert Carbuccia just closed a new client for 1:1 coaching as a result of using the G$D strategies and techniques!

"Day 2 of Cody Getchell & Rahul Alim G$D 100k Challenge! 10/10 Value. Watch the video for my 2 biggest takeaways"

"If you don't have a setter in your business, you are the setter". Let's uncover the #1 hire that every single Agency Owner & Consultant must have in their business.

How a GSD inner circle member & his partner went from fighting for the "typical" type of client to finding a blue ocean in High Ticket Clients.

Kaitlyn went all in from trying to put together a puzzle with the wrong picture on the box and missing pieces, to solving it with supreme confidence in record time.

Rob is now closing $5k consulting deals for his coaching program. We built him a flywheel approach to get paid monthly and ascend people up the ladder.

Meet Sedrick. He's running his Agency part-time. We helped him simplify his process and offers so they sell. He sells SaaS to a niche, finds the angle, hits the pain points, then gets referrals.

20x ROI on investing in herself with GSD. The fact that knowing these skills can create massive freedom and be able to enjoy work from anywhere and have multiple streams of income!

They say "you're one funnel away"... the problem is you just don't know which one. My man Joshua Gibbons builds winning funnels for his clients.

Kim grew her local SMMA marketing agency from $1k to $19,500/mo in 2 months. It's remarkable the action she's taking, the time she's put in, and never giving in.

Jen is closing deals, making more money, always showing up, committed to learning and executing. Full time mom, wife, helper of all, mama bear to GSD, former "VA" turned Agency Owner entrepreneur!

An absolute KILLER who was up to $40k/mo, Josh came to the G$D to automating his agency and growing it to $70k MONTHS.

Gabby learns strategies, agency assembly line, and so much more in the G$D Program that has saved her so much time and money.

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